About Us

Michelle Tamondong

At Burbank Physical Therapy & Wellness, we deliver what we promise:

  • To service its patients with the greatest care, personalized attention and goal-driven treatment program. Each patient is treated by a licensed physical therapist for a full hour, no aides or assistants are used. We view this as a way to keep the consistency of each program and keep the relationship and comfort level of each patient. We will be in constant communication with physician's regarding patient's status. Every 30 days, there will be a re-evaluation visit and a progress report will be available.
  • Utilize evidence-based approach: We are driven to use state of the art techniques, promote attendance to continuing and higher education in order to provide the most updated information and further our skills and knowledge.
  • Convenience and Availability: We made a commitment to keep flexible hours during the weekdays to accommodate patient's work schedules. After work hours and Saturday hours are also available.
  • Ease of Communication/ Consultation: Our therapist is available via email or just a phone call away for and patients, physicians or adjusters who may have any clarifications on any part of their home exercise program or treatments.
  • Our facility has warm, personal feel and non-intimidating unlike other medical or outpatient facilities. Our friendly staff will be available to assist with all the paperwork pertaining to patients' benefits, claims, prescription renewal and appeals.

Meet our Physical Therapist

Michelle "Mitch" Tamondong, graduated from University of Maryland, Baltimore, with the Master's degree in Physical Therapy in 2000; Prior to UMAB, she attended George Washington University in Washington DC with focus on Exercise Science. In 2000, Michelle relocated to Los Angeles where she worked full-time for a premier sports physical therapy facility in West LA for 3 years. In 2003, she then became a Director of Physical Therapy for an outpatient facility in Burbank for 3 years. Michelle is committed to be a strong advocate of breast cancer awareness. In October 2006, she decided to open her own practice focusing on Women's Issues; Pregnancy care; Pilates-based rehabilitation for Orthopedic Sports-related injuries. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association since 1997 and the National Strength and Conditioning Association since 2005. She lives in Valencia, California with her husband and two young children, Kieran & Sydney. Her spare time is devoted to her family. She loves to travel, goes to the gym for weight-training, swimming and spinning.