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"Before going to Michelle at Burbank PT & Wellness, my physical therapy for a major accident was at a standstill. Since going to Michelle, I have shown so much improvement in such a short time that my friends comment on how far I've come. Michelle incorporates a skilled combination of both pilates and physical therapy aimed at each individual patient's needs. Her expertise, dedication and her genuine caring for each individual shows in the success of every patient's prognosis."

Fran G.
Coordinator, NBC TV

"I started seeing Michelle after my husband and I were hit by a semi-truck in July 2006. Going through a major accident is traumatizing; its hard to even remember being pain-free. I selected Michelle after doing extensive research and interviewing many physical therapists with various specialties. Michelle does her homework and knows what's in my chart before I arrive. So she's not busy asking me the same questions repeatedly as they do at some PT locations. The office is spotlessly clean and Michelle works to answer my questions as accurately as possible. I have felt 100% confident in Michelle's care. By following her instructions, both during my PT sessions and afterwards with my Home work, my pain has slowly but surely gone away. I tell everyone I know they should go to Michelle for PT. Considering it was pain that brought me to her office- I couldn't be any happier with my experience!"

Lisa M.
Vice President, International Promotions

"I can't thank you enough for the physical therapy, which has helped me tremendously. Your style and enthusiasm has had an enormous effect on my goal of improving my overall health. After I leave one of your sessions, I don't feel any pain and I have the best night's sleep of the entire week! I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to feel good."

Jude L.
NBC Executive

"Thank you for everything, Michelle! I owe you my life that you've given back!!"

Sara H.

"I tore my rotator cuff in my shoulder and had tried physical therapy from another therapist. The therapy did not help my pain nor did it improve my range of motion. I was to a point of having surgery to correct the problem. As a last effort, my doctor recommended Michelle. I began receiving therapy from her and saw slow but sure results. I have not resorted to surgery and have no need to. I am sleeping through the night without pain. I am able to lift and carry just about anything I want without pain. I have better posture and my ROM is totally fine for the life that I lead.

In addition to being a great therapist, I find Michelle very well educated and informative. She gives me tools to be able to improve my condition and helps me understand what my goals are and what I am doing. I highly recommend Michelle and Burbank Physical Therapy. Great therapist and a great person!"

Lisa W.

"Michelle used the perfect mix of excellent knowledge, strong hands, and professional yet ligh-hearted demeanor. She was as dedicated to helping me recover from a series of work-related injuries through physical therapy as I was. I thought Pilates was a designer drink until she showed me how it could help me help myself to regain my physical fitness. I am grateful to her."

Lieutenant M.
Peace Officer